Nourishing Flourishing Minds

First step to learning and transformation is to understand how you nourish a flourishing mind.

Penny Catterick

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First step to learning and transformation is to understand how you nourish a flourishing mind. You need to understand how the mind works, including emotionality and our internal body states.

The right conditions for learning and transformation occur when the internal environment, the emotional and internal states, are ready to engage.

Why in my coaching practice do I invest in my clients mental and emotional health?It is because they provide the foundation off which learning, change or transformation happens.

Memory of Future Greater than Memory of the Past? 

In my Confidence Builder blog I ask the question, ”At 35 years of age,….which are you, a Newtonian or a Quantum Woman?” Let’s look at this question from the perspective in your mind and body.

To help women make change in their professional and social lives, there are many published analytical tools and techniques available to them, but few deliver the deep and enduring change women crave. Many coaches offer false hope, they promote positive thinking as the elixir to success, but that’s just misleading.  Positive thinking can’t work physiologically, the size of the conscious mind is too small to provide the will power needed to sustain positive thought. This is very important to understand.

My approach to helping clients transform their professional life, is to give them an understanding of how the mind works, so when they begin their transformation journey they know what they are doing psychologically and physiologically.

Successful transformation is borne from metacognition. That means having a curiosity and understanding of what’s happening in your internal environment. This approach is called, Dependent Origination.  It is used extensively and proven by Professor Judson Brewer in his ground breaking work on addiction, done at Brown University, Rhodes Island, USA.

Come the age of 35 years, neurological science tells us that 95% of our typical day follows the experience set by the sub-conscious mind the previous day.  Your body is your sub-conscious mind, it’s a combination of your thoughts and emotions which prevail over conscious thought alone. Your sub conscious mind is a library of images and symbols, developed over a lifetime which limit your awareness and steer you along a regular path, where your familiar past becomes your predictable future.

If you want to shift from a predictable future, to one which is free of your history and geared to your vision of success, you can.  You create a memory of the future which is stronger than the memory of the past.

Freeing yourself from the limitations of your past is all about how your sub-conscious mind was programmed, how it limits your outlook and causes you to seek environments and circumstances which reaffirm who you are.  Just think about people you know, who are 35yrs old, you will probably define them by their familiar personality;…which is the same, each and every day.  You are describing their subconscious mind, their internal programming, their ego.

So, how does your mind and body distinguish between Newtonian and Quantum women, lets see:

A Newtonian women predicts her future based upon her now familiar biology. She has become biologically comfortable with the way things are, her body craves familiarity.  She waits for change to arrive and does little to attract it. Put in terms of Newton’s first law of motion: Her body continues in its state of rest, or in uniform motion in a straight line, unless acted upon by a force.” For the Newtonian women, that force comes externally, to cause an effect.

A Quantum women consciously determines that she is ready to step out of her sub conscious programme, her personality, to create a future, a new reality. She will use a vivid vision of her future to provide the force with which to re programme her sub conscious mind to form a new reality.  She will determine to cause an effect to her advantage.

With this understanding women are better equipped than most to cause an effect to their career.

Reference: “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,” Dr Joe Dispenza

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